WCU Non Degree Enrollment  


What is Non-Degree?   

Non-degree is an academic term for "not formally accepted into a degree program." It is a great way to start your college career or to gain personal and professional growth. As a non-degree student, you take the same courses as everyone else, and you earn the same college credit.

General Information  


The "Non Degree Online Application" will allow you to apply for summer or winter terms when it is appropriate to schedule classes for those terms. It will also have options for adult/non-traditional students to apply for Fall/Spring terms as non degree when the scheduling time is appropriate.


Here are a few important points for you to know before you submit your non degree application:   


1. You will need to submit your date of birth, social security number, mailing address and your email address on the application. 

2. Once you submit your online application you will receive an email notification almost immediately. The email will be sent to the address you supplied on your application.   

3. Your online application will be processed and you will then receive a second email notification. This second email notification may take as much as 24 hours. It will include important instructions about how to search the class schedule and scheduling your class, billing information, and most importantly, your WCU ID number.  



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