How to obtain an enrollment verification

In this topic, you will learn how to obtain an Enrollment Verification certificate.


  1. Click Main Menu 

    Step 1
  2. Click Enrollment

    Step 2
  3. Click Enrollment Verification

    Step 3
  4. You will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse webpage.


    Step 4
  5. Use the radio buttons to select one of the three options:

    Step 5
  6. Click "obtain an enrollment certificate"


    Your enrollment verification certificate will appear in a separate window.  You may print and submit it.  This is an official document.

    Step 6
  7. To protect your privacy, be sure to log-off the National Student Clearinghouse webpage when you are finished.


    Step 7

After completing this topic, you are able to obtain an enrollment verification certificate.