Submit an Academic Plan Change Request via myWCU

Students now have the ability to submit plan change requests, such as: change of major and add/remove minor, additional major, certificates and certifications through their myWCU account.

Before submitting a change request, you should meet with your advisor to discuss your options.  If you wish to change your major, add an additional major, or add a minor, you should contact the chair or coordinator for the department you seek entrance.

Please note:   Changes to your academic plan of study may impact your timeline to graduation.  Please consult with your academic advisor and review the "What-if" Advisement Report prior to submitting any plan change request.

Students who wish to make multiple changes to their academic record will need to submit multiple change requests.   For example, if you wish to change your major and add a minor, you will need to submit the change of major first, then return to your myWCU homepage to submit an add minor request.   For additional information and detailed instructions, please visit the Registrar's website:

If you have questions about the process, please email:

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