How to Navigate in UPK:


User Productivity Kit, also known as UPK, is training software that has the capability to create documentation, training, and support materials.   The recording software takes screen shots of each step in a transaction.  The user can then view the steps using different modes such as See It!, Try It!, Know It! and Print It! 

In this section we will look at the UPK Player and HTML modes. 


There are different Player Modes

See It! --This mode enables you to learn by watching an animated demonstration of tasks being performed in a simulated environment. All the required activities, such as moving the mouse and entering data, are completed automatically. 

Try It! -- This mode enables you to learn interactively in a simulated environment. The Player provides you with instructions as to what needs to be done to complete a task, you perform the actual steps.

Know It! -- This mode enables you to test knowledge gained from training. You are instructed to complete the steps for a particular task and you are scored on how accurately you complete the steps. Know It mode is not available on all WCU topics in UPK.

Print It! --  This mode will deliver a hard copy of the step-by-step process for a specific topic in PDF format.


HTML:  The HTML mode lets you click a topic link that lists all the steps for the selected topic.



Click the + sign to expand the menu.  


Click a topic to launch the Player. 


Click the See It! button to view the tutorial.  Print the topic by selecting Print It!:

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