Record Grades


In this topic, you will learn how to record grades.


All student names and ID numbers are concealed to protect confidentiality.


  1. Click the Grade Roster icon.

    Step 1
  2. There is a drop down menu which allows you to assign the same grade to selected students.

    Step 2
  3. Click the Roster Grade drop down menu. 


    You must select a grade, you cannot type in a grade.

    Step 3
  4. Select a grade for each student.

    Step 4
  5. Continue selecting grades for your students.

    Step 5
  6. Once all your grades have been selected, scroll up to the top of the page.

    Step 6
  7. You do not have to enter all the grades at once. You can click SAVE at any time and later return to the grade roster.

    Step 7
  8. Once you have entered your grades and you are ready to submit them, click the Save button.

    Step 8
  9. Click the Approval Status drop down menu.

    Step 9
  10. Change the status from Not Reviewed to Approved.

    Step 10
  11. Click Save again.


    The steps are:

    1.  Save

    2.  Approved

    3.  Save

    Step 11
  12. When you click Save the second time, your grades are transmitted electronically to the Registrar's Office.


    You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission of each grade roster.

    Step 12

After completing this topic, you are able to record grades.