Submitting a Standard Grade Change Request

To change grades:

1. Enter the new grade for each student needing a grade change.

2. Multiple changes can be submitted at the same time within one transaction. If you fail to submit a grade or grades for additional students before hitting submit, you must re-enter the roster to make any additional grade changes.

3. Select the grade change type/reason.

a. Clerical and Computational Errors are the only available options when changing letter grades

b. Grade change types for NG’s and IP’s will automatically appear. You will only need to submit a new grade.

4. Once all new grades and grade change reasons have been entered, hit the submit button to forward the request to the next person in the workflow.

5. Workflow is initiated based on the type of grade change and timeline.

a. Standard Grade Changes: Change of grade request initiated prior to end of 9th week of the following semester and for IP’s prior to the end of the 9th week of the equivalent semester of the following year.

i. These require only the department chair approval

The workflow status will appear on the faculty member’s grade change roster noting approvals needed.


Approving Workflow Requests


To approve requested grade changes

As an approver of requests, the myWCU home page will display all pending approvals.

Approvers can click on the class link which will take them directly to approver’s page - OR - pending requests can be accessed by navigating to:  Main Menu > Faculty/Admin. Self Service > Change Grade Approval where they can search for the class

Once the roster is accessed, approvers can approve or deny a grade change request. If the request is denied, a reason box will appear to enter a reason for the decision. Denying a request will end the workflow process and the faculty member who submitted the request will be notified via email. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to inform the student of a denied decision.




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