How the Waitlist Process Works:

When the class enrollment capacity has been reached, the class will close. If there is a waitlist capacity set on the course, students will be able to enroll onto the waitlist. If a student drops the course, the course will remain closed until the waitlist process runs- at which point the process will open the class and enroll the student(s) from the waitlist into the class.

The waitlist process will be running approximately every hour from the first day of registration through the last day of add/drop.



The system is setup to send students automatic notifications when:

If the system is unable to enroll the student into the class, they are told to either resolve the problem or remove themselves from the waitlist.


Other Details About Waitlists:

After this point students are unable to look-up or see their waitlist position number.


Common Troubleshooting:


Q:   A student is on the waitlist in position #1 and the process did not move them into the class, why could that be?


A:  The most common reasons the student would not be enrolled into the class are:

  1. The student has another class scheduled at that time.
  2. Enrolling the student into the course would put them at an overload level.
  3. The student is already enrolled in another section of the course and did not select a swap transaction when enrolling onto the waitlist.


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