Building Classes 


In this Module you will begin to Build the Class.  This is the component you will use to add and edit sections for a course.  There are six pages (folder tabs).  Some of the data on these pages has already been populated from the course catalog roll over.   If you want to "tweak" the section by changing a professor, or time, simply navigate to the correct section number, make the necessary change on the appropriate page and SAVE!   



Understanding the Schedule of Classes 


When you first set up the PS Student Records system, you schedule new courses for the first time in the course catalog (registrar's function).  From that point on, you will likely roll classes from term to term and then revise classes as needed and add any new classes. Once you copy prior term classes to a new term, you can use the "Maintain Sections" component to add sections, move classes from time period to time period, etc.   Use "Schedule New Class" to build a class that is new or has not been rolled over. 


The course catalog must be built by the registrar's office before you are able to schedule classes/sections. 


The course catalog data will populate many of the fields in the "Maintain Class Sections" component. 


Important Notes: 


Canceling sections after students enroll in a class is not recommended but if it must be done, follow the directions on the Canceling Sections After Students are Enrolled topic. 


Building classes with variable credit must be done BEFORE students enroll in classes.   Please follow the directions in the Building Classes with Variable Credit topic. 


Course Topics - Contact the Registrar to have a topic added to a course.    It is not recommended to use the Free Format Topic on the Meetings tab. 




Always enter the 4 digit Term: e.g. 2135 (Fall, 2013) and the Career:  UGRD or GRAD (undergraduate or graduate) in search boxes. 


A magnifying glass signifies a look-up or search. 






Click the + sign to expand the menu.   Click the topic to launch the player. 



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