Archiving in Outlook: 


About the Archive Folder: 


The Archive folder provides you a significant advantage versus archiving items to an Outlook Data File (.pst) on your computer.  An Outlook .pst is available only within Outlook and only on the computer where the file is saved.  By using the Archive folder, you have full access to the archived items from either MS Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA aka webmail). 


You can move or copy messages between your primary mailbox and the Archive, however, the preferred way to move items is with the archive policies.  Archive policies enable automated management of when items are moved from your Exchange Server mailbox to the Archive. 


About Archive Policies: 


The default archive policy is set to "Use Parent Folder" which means the messages will never be archived.  However -

 Benefits of the Archive Folder: 


This new feature only supports Microsoft Outlook for Windows.  If you use Microsoft Outlook for MAC, you can access the folders through Webmail only.  


The recommended browser is Internet Explorer. 


In this module you will learn how to: 


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