*The Home Tab


The 25Live Home tab provides two options for your initial working view of 25Live. Just click the sub tab to change your view preference for your user session, one of the following: 

25Live saves your most recent view selection -- either Dashboard or Calendar -- on the Home tab as your Home view preference when you sign out. This same view will be displayed the next time you sign in to 25Live. 


Note: If you have outstanding tasks that are overdue (that is, due today or within the last 30 days), a warning message is displayed when you sign in to 25Live. Click the link displayed with the message to go to the Tasks tab and review your overdue tasks. From there, you can drill down to complete a task or to change the due date.  


Reminder: What you can see and do in 25Live depends on whether you've signed in and your security privileges.  



*  This information is from 25Live Help 

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