*The  Events Tab


Use the Events tab to retrieve events using any of a wide variety of searches provided by the system or created and saved by you. You can specify your own criteria to "Search for Events," and save your search criteria or results for later access from "Pre-Defined Event Searches." 


Sign in to gain access to events appropriate to your role in 25Live and your security privileges. 


Any individual events you open for viewing in 25Live are accessed from the Events tab. Each open event is accessed via its own sub tab in the Events tab navigation bar. 

You can perform many different actions on an individual open event such as editing, copying, or deleting the event; changing the event state; establishing relationships with other events; or generating any event-specific reports that may be available. (You can also generate a variety of reports on multiple events from the Reports tab.) 



Search for Events:


Note: Special security privileges control access to search functionality in 25Live.

You can do any of the following to search for events (or event drafts) on the Events tab: 

Tip: If you're creating a search to use for generating reports, be sure to make it a Starred search.  



* This information is from 25Live Help 

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