Use the Request Transcript Report component to create and update transcript requests for an individual student or a small group of students. A small group of students is defined as a group of fewer than 20. Process the request, and you can view the transcripts online and print them. You can also use the Flexible Transcript Request component to create transcript requests for processing on future dates or events. For example, a student can request that a transcript be processed once they have been awarded a degree, once their grades have been posted for a term, or once a specific date arrives. Upon saving the future transcript request, the system generates a report request number. You can then use a single report request number, a range of report request numbers, or requested print dates to process these requests.


To create a transcript request by student ID:

1. Select the transcript type and enter other general parameters on the Transcript Request Header page.

2. Enter IDs for students requesting transcripts, as well as recipient information, on the Transcript Request Detail page.

3. Submit your request by clicking the Process Request button on the Request Detail page.

4. View results in .PDF format by clicking the View Report link that appears for each student. If no link appears, view any process errors on the Report Errors page.

5. Print all results by clicking the Print button.


In this topic, you will process a transcript for an individual student.

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