A student’s account can be updated from a variety of sources both internal and external to your institution.


Student Financials enables you to post transactions for a group of students or organizations. This enables you to quickly and easily post many receivables without having to post and approve each one individually. Student Financial Cashiering Office has the option to create Group Data entries. In addition, charges and payments from external sources can be loaded through the SF External File Load process and these transactions will populate the Group Data Entry tables.


To enter groups of transactions for students and organizations, access the pages using the Group Data Entry and Group Corp Data Entry components, respectively. To approve groups of transactions, use the same two pages, but access them from the worklist.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Enter and post a charge for an individual student.

• Enter and post charges for multiple students.

• Reverse group charges.

• View suspended groups.

• Apply and reverse payments.

• Run the payment applier.

• Complete and reverse writeoffs.

• Manage disputed charges.

• Process enrollment deposits.

• Run the Late Fees — Billing process.

• View payment by invoice information within the Maintain Receivables feature.

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