With Student Financials, you can calculate tuition for large groups of students using criteria that you define, or you can calculate tuition for a single student.


When more detailed criteria are needed, you can easily create complex equations. You can calculate tuition and fees for terms, sessions within a term, and use tiered tuition scheduling. You can also create fees for special circumstances or select groups of students with optional fees.


Some actions in a students' account set the Tuition Calc Required flag on the Tuition Calculation page. Other actions and changes in a student's account do not flag the account to be recalculated. Flagged accounts require batch calculation to be run for everyone or for the individuals affected.


The Tuition Calc Required flag is located on the Student Career Term table (PS_STDNT_CAR_TERM). The defaults for the tuition calc required flag are set at the business unit level. Setting this default to yes will turn the flag ON for every student as soon as they have a record in the Student Career Term table, which is as soon as they are term activated.

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