A standard group box appears on run control pages for processes that use the Population Selection process to select the IDs to process. The Population Selection process may be required for some processes (for example, the Mass Assign Service Indicators process) but optional for others (for example, the 3C Engine process). The Population Selection context definition for a process controls whether the Population Selection process is available and if is required or optional.


If your institution defines a context definition that makes the Population Selection process available, the run control page for that process includes a standardized Population Selection group box. If the Population Selection process is available but optional, the run control page includes a check box that users can either select or clear to enable or disable the use of the Population Selection process.


There are fields, links, and buttons that behave the same in the standard population selection group box wherever it appears on run control pages throughout PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions. The values and parameters that you enter are specific to the application process. Consult the appropriate PeopleSoft PeopleBook for information about using population selection for a specific application process.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Use the Population Selection process.

• Run the Population Update process.

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