Processing other transfer credit, or credit for prior learning, is always a manual process. The pages in the Other Credit component are very similar to the course credit and test credit components.


The other credit category is appropriate because it requires no external organization information. However, you must assign other credit through a course in your course catalog. Therefore, you might set up special summary courses in the course catalog, then grant the student additional transfer credits using these special courses.


To process other transfer credit:

1. Set up the target information for the transfer credit model on the Other Credit Detail page.

2. Select the articulation term for the model and enter the equivalent course information on the Other Credit Detail page.

3. Calculate transfer credit statistics for the model, post and unpost transfer credit, and view a summary of transfer credit statistics on the Other Credit By Term page.

4. View summary student statistics, once you have posted a model, in the Total Units - Posted Model field on the Test Credits By Term page.


In this topic, you will process a model for the other transfer credit category.

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