Using the Grade Review Transcript Release process, you can update your students’ fully graded date and grade review status in batch mode, then process transcripts or degree audits for students who meet your specific run control parameters. Essentially, this process releases transcripts or degree audits only if a student’s classes are fully graded for the term. If some required grades are missing, the process does not generate a transcript. Instead, it assigns a special grade review value to the student so that they can be easily identified for future processing.


To use the Grade Review process:

1. Set up Grade Review values on the Grade Review Table page.

2. Set specific grade bases as required on the Grading Scheme Table page.

3. Process grade reviews.

4. View the grade review information on the Student Grade Review page.

5. View fully graded date information on the Term Control Dates page.

6. View the transcripts through the Transcript Request component.


In this topic, you will use the Population Selection process to run the Grade Review Transcript Release process for a group of students in the fall term.

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