The wait list management functionality in Student Records enables you to set processing parameters that define the groups of students to move from wait lists to enrollment into classes within a specific enrollment period.


When a student is waitlisted into a class, the enrollment process assigns him the next available student position number. Student position numbers determine the position students hold on the waitlist; the student with the wait list position number of 1 is the student who has the lowest student position number and an enrollment status of waiting.


For example, suppose Mia is the 31st student to try to enroll into a class with an enrollment capacity of 30. She is put on the wait list (has an enrollment status of waiting) and the Enrollment process gives her a student position number of 310. Her waitlist position number is 1, because she is the only student in the class with an enrollment status of waiting. Then a second student, Mitch, puts himself on the waitlist. The system gives him a student position number of 320. Since Mia has a lower student position number than Mitch, the system gives Mitch a waitlist position number of 2. If there is one seat available when you run the Waitlist process, Mia, the student with the lowest waitlist position number, is enrolled; the enrollment process changes her enrollment status from waiting to enrolled. Mitch then has the lowest position number with an enrollment status of waiting. Therefore, his waitlist position number changes to 1.


In this topic, you will move students from the waitlist to enrolled using both the waitlist process and by manually dropping the student from the waitlist and enrolling them in the class.

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