The cashiering operation is an important function that your institution performs. On a daily basis, the cashiering office collects and tracks a large number of transactions as students and other customers pay tuition, library fines, and fees. With the Student Financials cashiering program, you can perform a variety of transactions quickly, securely, and accurately. The system's inquiry and report features support your audit trails for maintaining integrity in the system. In addition, the system enables you to easily design how each transaction interfaces with the general ledger.


Use the Cashiering feature to process six types of cashiering transactions: Student Payment, Corporate Payment, Department Receipt, Cash Check, Interim Deposit, and Cash Replenishment. This lesson covers all these operations, except cashing a check. Each time you process one of these transactions, the Cashiering feature creates a receipt in the system. These receipts enable you to track and organize your cashiering transactions.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Open a cashiering office.

• Process student payments for single or multiple charges.

• Generate department receipts.

• Create interim deposits.

• Use cash replenishment.

• Void transaction receipts.

• Close a cashiering office.

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