The PeopleSoft system DS-2019 Form pages display relevant DS-2019 form data in a sequence similar to the actual DS-2019 form document produced by SEVIS. The SEVIS system produces the actual DS-2019 form documents in PDF format using data provided by your institution.


The DS-2019 Form is keyed by ID and program number. Access to the form is controlled through SEVIS Program Sponsor Security.


The PeopleSoft system requires that any exchange visitor for whom you are entering DS-2019 form data, must have an appropriate J-1 visa type defined in the Visa/Permit Data page.


The PeopleSoft system enables you to enter DS-2019 information in two online formats, a multi-tabbed format and a continuous page format. The fields are the same for both formats. The multi-tabbed page format is used in this topic.


In this topic, you complete a DS-2019 form for an exchange student from Canada.

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