Student Records processes groups of enrollment requests, known as block enrollment requests. Through the Block Enrollment feature, you can merge a block of students with a block of classes and post these merged blocks as enrollment requests in a single procedure.


After merging student blocks with course blocks, you can opt to use the Block Enrollment component to retrieve and review this data before posting the block enrollment request.


You can predefine student blocks by adding students one by one on the Block Enrollment Students page. Later when you process a block enrollment request, you can merge blocks of students with blocks of classes and submit a single enrollment transaction. Because you store predefined blocks in your database when you save them, you can reuse the blocks for any later block enrollment request. This is especially useful in professional schools where all students enroll in the same classes year to year, or in certain undergraduate curricula where multiple classes are clustered as first year corequisites.


In this topic, you will define a student block to use in block enrollments.


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