The Course Catalog uses a course requisite design that enables you to structure requirements that can be shared among many courses. Requirements can encompass prerequisite courses, GPA and unit requirements, and course lists, among other factors.


In Student Records there are two levels for creating enrollment requisites. The Enrollment Requirement Group handles requirements for specific courses or class reserve capacities. The Enrollment Requirements, with or without course lists, handle more complicated requisite rules. Typically, most enrollment needs will be met by the Enrollment Requirement Group component.


The data you enter in the Course Catalog defaults to the Schedule of Classes. This key feature of the catalog saves you data entry time when scheduling classes. In addition, the catalog component uses effective dating, enabling you to track historical course changes and to prepare for curriculum changes in the future.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Create enrollment requirements.

• Create course offerings.

• Create course equivalency groups.

• Search for courses.

• Print the course catalog.

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