The Schedule New Course component enables you to view all courses from the course catalog that can be scheduled.


The Schedule of Classes component enables you to view only those courses that have been scheduled for a term. Use the Schedule of Classes component when you want to modify or maintain data for classes that have been scheduled. The functionality of the pages in this component is identical to the Schedule New Course component, but the view of classes is limited to scheduled classes only.


To schedule a class:

1. Define sections, special class fees, topics, attributes, and course administrator information on the Basic Data page.

2. Enter class meeting times, days, facilities, instructors, and room characteristics on the Meetings page.

3. Define class status, capacity, auto enroll, and resection to section numbers on the Enrollment Cntrl page.

4. Define reserve capacity and enrollment requisites on the Reserve Cap (reserve capacity) page.

5. Link notes to class sections on the Notes page.

6. If you are manually scheduling exams for class sections, enter exam information on the Exam page.

7. Assign classes (class item types) to specific general ledger accounts on the GL Interface page.


Consider this scenario: You have been asked to schedule two class sections for a course. Use the Schedule New Course component to schedule a section using two different meeting patterns for the current term.

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