The alerts process identifies data changes that are reportable to SEVIS, logs those changes, and copies all relevant data into the Select Alerts to Report component for review before you submit the data to SEVIS. You can set the process to run at scheduled intervals. Each time the SEVIS Alerts process runs, the SEVIS alerts data is moved to SEVIS events history and the SEVIS Alerts process records are refreshed with data from the new run of the SEVIS Alerts process.


The SEVIS J Compare process detects changes to your international exchange visitor population that should be reported to SEVIS. A unique batch ID is generated each time the process runs. The naming scheme for this batch ID is YYYYMMDD-NNNNN, where YYYYMMDD represents the date on which the process runs and NNNNN represents the unique counter number. For example, the batch ID 20061219-00001 indicates that the process was run on December 19, 2006 and 00001 is the unique counter number. This batch ID and the SEVIS program number are keys to the records that you review on the Alerts Header page for J visas.


In this topic, you run the Alerts J process for the Spring term.

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