Use the Direct Loan Bio/Demo pages to make changes to and override biographic and demographic data for Direct Loan lending.


Changes you make here do not change the Campus Community data. You must save changes to data made on these pages. To commit the data you override to the Origination file and application pages, go to Financial Aid, Loans, Direct Lending Management, Manage Direct Loan Application, Direct Loan Application, App Acknowledgement and click the Activate Change button. Then re-run Origination with adjustments.


The system sends Bio/Demo data to the common origination and disbursement processing center (COD). If you choose to override data on any of these pages, ensure the changes are accurate. If the student has more than one Stafford loan type such as a subsidized and unsubsidized loan and if both loans are originated at the same time, you must ensure that changes made on one loan type are carried through and made for the other loan type.


In this topic, you will view current name information on a Direct Loan record. You will also override Direct Loan phone, address, email, and application information.

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