Academic requirements are graduation rules that students need to follow to successfully complete their academic objectives. Academic requirements contain requirement parameters, pre-conditions, connector types, partitions, detail requisites or restrictions, and line item parameters. Requirements can be simple, such as requiring a minimum GPA of 3.000, or more complex with many parts.


Requirement groups are sets of requirements that identify the student population for the audit engine and advisement process to analyze. A requirement group can consist of one or more requirements, individual courses, or a combination of courses, requirements, and conditions.


For example, requirement groups can target all undergraduate students, or target only undergraduate students in the Math plan, or only undergraduate students who belong to a specific student group. When you run a degree audit for a student, the audit engine uses the requirement group whose academic structure matches that of the student.


The Academic Requirement online summary lists and describes the specific academic requirement or all of the academic requirements that meet the criteria that you specify.


The Academic Group online summary lists the specific requirement group or all of the requirement groups that meet the criteria that you specify.


Use these online summaries to view the description of the academic requirement group or requirement.


The steps are similar for viewing either the Requirement Group or Requirement summary. The steps are:

1. Navigate to Academic Advisement, Summaries, and then to either Academic Requirement Groups or Academic Requirements. 

2. Enter the institution, career, program, plan, subplan, requirement usage, and other criteria on the search page, and click the Search button.

3. Click the specific group or requirement to access the description.


In this topic, you view an Academic Requirement Groups online summary.

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