The Generate Electronic Transcript page enables you to generate previously created TS130 requests that you saved through the Electronic Transcript Request page. The process combines transcripts from multiple requests where the requests specify the same recipient. This component is ideal for generating electronic transcripts requested for release on future dates or after specific events.


For example, students can request future release of their transcripts based on degree confer date, term grade posting date, transfer credit posting date, or a date you specify. Once the future date arrives, you can access the Generate Electronic Transcript page, enter the transcript type you want the system to process, enter a single date or range of process dates, and generate the TS130 files.


For example, if a student knows in March that he or she needs a transcript sent electronically to a specific institution on June 15, the date of graduation, he or she can enter this request and save it online with a future date of June 15 on the Transcript Request page in March. On June 15, the system can process this request through the Generate Electronic Transcript page, and can generate this student's transcript electronically along with all other requests scheduled for processing on this date.


After you run the process through the Generate Electronic Transcript page, you can access the TS130 files in the output directory indicated on the request, and you can send these files by email, in batch through the E-Mail Electronic Transcript page. On the E-Mail Electronic Transcript page, enter the same run control that you used in the Generate Electronic Transcript process. Only those requests with a send option of email will be displayed. The batch generation process groups requests by email address and directory, thus forming virtual envelopes that can include several students’ transcripts.


In this topic, you will generate a batch of electronic transcripts and send them by email.

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