An Advisement Report (also known as a degree progress report, degree audit report, or academic advisement transcript report) is the data analysis that indicates whether a student has completed all of the requirements for graduation or if outstanding requirements must still be satisfied.


The standard report is based on the student's current career and course track. However, you can also include a what-if analysis to run a simulated advisement report to show degree progress based on courses the student proposes to take and to compare the student's transcript against multiple careers, programs, plans, and subplans.


You can include individual courses with credit in the process. You can set conditions, such as multiple requirement terms, that enable you to use the appropriate requirement groups in the audit processing.


The Advisement Report is a type of transcript. You can produce a report that includes the academic transcript as well as the degree audit information. The transcript type that you specify at run time, either advisement or transcript, determines which format the system uses.


In this topic, you enter parameters for running an Advisement Report that includes a degree progress with transcript report for two students. You include a stored what-if analysis for one student and a course list what-if analysis for another.

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