Once you set up your grading schemes and grade bases, define mapping rules, and generate grade rosters, you are ready to enter grades.


You can enter grades in one of three ways:

• System administrators or power users can enter grades directly on the Grade Roster page for each class.

• Instructors can define class assignments, percentages, and electronically communicate with students by entering grades directly through PeopleSoft Gradebook, a separately licensed PeopleSoft application.

• Instructors or other authorized self-service users can enter midterm and final grades through the PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Self Service, a separately licensed PeopleSoft application.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Run the Grade Roster Report.

• Enter grades online.

• Post grades for one or more classes.

• Generate midterm deficiency reports and communications.

• Run the Grade Lapse process.

• Run the Student Grade Report.

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