Depending on your business requirements, you might need to track student attendance. Some state agencies require institutions to track student attendance by hours or minutes. Often attendance tracking affects funding decisions. Using the Attendance Tracking feature, you can meet these needs. The Attendance Tracking feature enables you to record all necessary details regarding a period of interaction between your students and instructors. You can do the following:

• View attendance records online or print them for manual use.

• Track a wide range of attendance statistics, such as late arrivals and time spent in class.

• Track student attendance in a class section, component, or unit of instruction.

• Generate attendance rosters for individual classes or for multiple classes.

• Track student attendance in any type of course, such as traditional courses, remedial courses, contract courses, extension courses, and courses with nontraditional modes of delivery (such as online instruction, modular instruction, open entry and open exit, distance learning, and so on).

• Create attendance rosters for nonclassroom events, such as field trips.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Generate attendance rosters for individual classes.

• Generate batch attendance rosters.

• Track attendance by class meeting.

• Track attendance by student.

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