You can enter and track comments about individuals and organizations. You can review all comments about an individual or organization or all comments entered by a specific individual. Because personal comments are subjective and often confidential, carefully analyze your institution's needs and requirements for entering and tracking comments. You should also be familiar with administrative functions and 3C group security before setting up or creating comments in your system.


When you have the appropriate security access, you can attach comments to an individual's or an organization's record while processing data about them.


Before you can enter comments, you must set up comment categories and associate them with the 3C groups that, according to your institution's determination, have a business need to view or update comments within that category.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Enter comments for an individual.

• View an individual comment summary.

• View an individual comment detail.

• Enter comments for an organization.

• View an organization comment summary.

• View an organization comment detail.

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