The process of posting degrees requires that you update student program records and, if necessary, report and audit degree changes.


To post a degree:

1. Insert a new row and enter a program action of Completion of Program on the Student Program page. This sets the Degree Checkout Stat (degree checkout status) field on the Student Degrees page to Approved.

2. (Optional) On the Student Degrees page, verify the completion term, specify degree honors, and enter a degree grade point average (GPA.)

3. Click the Update Degrees button on the Student Program page to post the degree. This sets the Degree Checkout Stat field to Awarded.

4. (Optional) When the process completes, you can view and edit posted degrees through the Student Degrees component.

a. View and modify degree honors information on the Degree Honors page.

b. View and modify degree plan information on the Degree Plan page.

c. View and modify subplan information on the Degree Sub-Plan page.

5. (Optional) Use the Degree Change Audit component to audit any degree status changes.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Run the Graduation Reporting process.

• Verify and update student degree data.

• View and modify degree data.

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