Use service indicators to provide or limit access to services at your institution for an individual. Service indicators can be holds to prevent an individual from receiving certain services, or positive indicators to designate special services to be provided. Service indicators consist of one or more impact values that identify the types of specific services that are restricted or provided.


Examples of negative service indicators include no check cashing privileges, enrollment verification or transcript holds, and denied registration for classes. Positive service indicators might include check-cashing privileges, front-of-line service, use of the gym, and special services for disabled students.


For example, you might define a positive service impact to permit some students to receive their student identification cards a few days earlier than the rest of the student body. You might define another service impact that is negative, one that prevents certain students from receiving their student identification cards at all (for example, until the student submits a past-due enrollment deposit).


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Enter service indicator data.

• Review service indicator information.

• Review service indicator audit information.

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