There are two components to evaluate test transfer credit, the Test Credits component for predefined rules and the Test Credits - Manual component for creating test credit models manually.


Use the Test Credits - Automated component if you want to use predefined test transfer equivalency rules to articulate test transfer credit. You can attach predefined rules to academic programs and academic plans. You will create models of articulation based on the individual’s academic program or academic plan. You can create as many models as necessary.


To process test transfer credit using predefined equivalency rules:

1. Set up the target information for the transfer credit model on the Test Credit Details page.

2. Select the articulation term for the model and command the system to evaluate the test credit according to the predefined rules on the Test Credit Details page.

3. Calculate transfer credit statistics for the model, post and unpost transfer credit, and view a summary of transfer credit statistics on the Test Credits By Term page.

4. View summary student statistics, once you have saved a posted or unposted model, in the Total Units - Posted Model field on the Test Credits By Term page.


In this topic, you will process test transfer credit models using predefined rules.

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