Use the Student Aid Package to repackage an individual student.


Repackaging is a new feature in People Soft 9.0 that reevaluates awards and maintains a package that adheres to the packaging philosophy of your institution.


The Repackaging process consists of multiple repackaging plans. You define repackaging plans first, and as part of each plan, you insert one or more repackaging rules.


You can resolve overaward and unmet need conditions and validate Pell Grant eligibility using these repackaging plans.


The basic repackaging rules and uses are:

• Increase - Insert new awards into the student's existing package to fill unmet need.

• Decrease - Reduce one or more awards in the student's package to address an overaward condition.

• Original Package Plan - Use the Packaging plan most recently used to repackage this student.

• Validate entire package - Reconsider the student's entire set of awards for continued eligibility and award amount.

• Validate item type - Reconsider a specific award for the student for continued eligibility and award amount.


In this topic, you will repackage an individual student using the Increase rule, Decrease rule, and Validate Item Type rule.


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