Enrollment appointments enable you to manage and prioritize class enrollment processing for your students. PeopleSoft Student Records offers you the flexibility to assign enrollment appointments in mass through a process that you can run multiple times within the same term or to assign enrollment appointments on a student-by-student basis.


To create enrollment appointments:

1. Define student appointment blocks on the Student Appointment Blocks page.

2. Define appointment blocks for enrollment appointments on the Enrollment Appointment page in the Appointment Table component. An appointment block is a block of appointment numbers.

3. Assign enrollment appointments to students in batch by merging an appointment block, a student appointment block, and appointment limits on the Assign Appointments page, or assign a single student an enrollment appointment on the Student Enrollment Appointment page.

4. Review and update the enrollment appointments for individuals as necessary through the Student Enrollment Appointment page.


You can run the Assign Students Appointment process as many times as needed within the same term and session, either adding new appointments or deleting existing appointments. Each time you run the process, it produces a hardcopy report for you. When the Create Communications check box is selected, the process also populates the Communication table, providing you with the option to generate enrollment appointment notification mailers for your students.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Define appointment enrollment limits.

• Create student appointment blocks.

• Create enrollment appointments.

• Assign enrollment appointments in batch.

• Assign and maintain appointments for individual students.

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