You can substitute courses as well as change or override requirements to make exceptions for a specific student or group of students.


Advisement overrides enable you to override any part of a student's degree requirements. You can override courses, standard requirements, or even configure a unique set of requirements for a specific student or group of students.


Course directives, a method of course override, enable you to mandate (or direct) where specific courses will or will not be used to satisfy requirements. For example, you can direct that a course be used toward satisfying a student's major requirements, but not general education requirements.


Course substitutions enable you to select courses to use in place of the required courses. You can even waive a course so that it is no longer requirement. You can set up substitutions in advance or after course completion. For example, transfer work in the summer session can be preapproved so that it is automatically calculated in the fall session.


You can make course substitutions, directives, and overrides on the Authorize Student Exceptions page. The system uses the data that you enter on this page to override data only for the degree audit portion of the Advisement Report. Original data recorded on all other Campus Solutions pages remains unchanged.


In this topic, you waive a required course for a specific individual.

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