To create checklists, you must set up checklist items. You can assign a responsible person, a status, and a due date to each checklist item. You can then relate multiple checklist items to a specific checklist and assign a due date for the overall checklist.


You can also associate checklist items with an administrative function and use that function to enter all or some of the items as a subset of items on a larger, more comprehensive checklist with its own overall due date. In addition, you can combine several checklists into one monitoring unit called a tracking group.


For example, if you were to create a checklist of items typically required for an admissions application, you might begin by creating a checklist item for receiving the individual's ACT or SAT 1 test scores. You might also set checklist item codes for the application fee, references checked, a meeting arranged with a mentor, and career and placement discussion held.


When you have associated this checklist item with the appropriate administrative function, you can continue associating additional checklist items. When you have set up checklist function items, you can set up tracking groups.


A tracking group provides a logical connection between the checklists attached to an individual. For example, you may have several checklists for the same student in the undergraduate applications function, but only some of those checklists are related to the student's loan requirements. You might want to monitor the status of this student's loan documents to determine when his loan document requirements are complete. When you create the checklist and assign a checklist code, you could also assign the checklist to a loan documents tracking group.


Users can access checklists only in the checklist categories to which you grant them 3C group security access.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Assign a checklist to a person.

• View a person checklist summary.

• View a person checklist detail.

• View person tracking summary.

• View person tracking inquiry.

• Enter item update by item.

• Enter item update by person.

• Assign a checklist to an organization.

• View an organization checklist summary.

• View an organization checklist detail.

• View organization tracking summary.

• View organization tracking inquiry.

• Assign a checklist to an event.

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