The Requirement Advisement Report and Advisement Group Summary Report combine requirements, requirement groups, and course lists to list the contents (or structure) of a specific academic requirement or requirement group, or to list all of the academic requirements or requirement groups that meet the criteria that you specify.


These reports enable you to verify the requirements or requirement groups for any academic program or plan. For example, to identify all of the requirement groups defined for an undergraduate psychology major, you would run the Advisement Group Summary Report, and to identify all the requirements, you would run the Requirement Advisement Report.


The steps are similar for generating either report. The steps are:

1. Navigate to Academic Advisement, Advisement Reports, and then to either Academic Requirement Group or Academic Requirement. 

2. Select the specific Requirement Group or Requirement, or enter general parameters on the run control parameters page.

3. Click the Print Options link and specify how you want the descriptions and other details to appear.

4. Click the Run button to process the report using Process Scheduler.

5. Use Report Manager to view the report online.


In this topic, you enter parameters for running an Academic Advisement Group Summary report and view the resulting report online.

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