If your institution collects signed promissory notes for the direct lending program, you need to produce a manifest to send with the signed promissory notes to the direct lending common origination and disbursement processing center (COD).


When you receive a signed promissory note, access the Direct Loan Pnote page and indicate the promissory note is signed. The system sets the Manifest Status to Authorize and the promissory note is included the next time you create a loan manifest. Use the Generate Direct Loans Manifest page to create the data for the loan manifest.


Use a run control page to run a process that selects all students' promissory notes that have a Manifest Status of Authorize. You can review the selected promissory notes and delete any you do not want included in the manifest.


You can print or reprint the manifests by date or by manifest group.


After you print a manifest, manually sort the signed promissory notes and attach the printed manifest to each group of fifty promissory notes. Financial Aid creates a manifest for every fifty promissory notes. Separate manifests are created for Stafford subsidized and unsubsidized and PLUS promissory notes as required by the COD. There are different run control pages for printing PLUS loan manifests and Stafford loan manifests.


In this topic, you will create a direct loan manifest and print Print PLUS and Stafford loan manifests.

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