This lesson provides information about maintaining data for the organizations with which your institution associates.


Organizations in your database can include high schools, colleges or universities, community or civic groups, government entities, test and transcript data companies, office supply vendors, and so on. You can create a record for each organization and enter the location of the organization with telephone numbers and electronic addressees. You can enter persons at the organization with whom your institution maintains contact and specify the primary location, department, and contact person that your institution should use.


For schools, you can identify the subjects and courses that they offer, the types of transcripts they generate, and their term, grading, and credit structure. Maintaining this information helps to convert their information into an equivalent at your institution so you can evaluate it according to your requirements.


Before entering and managing organizations in your database, you need to set up group codes and types, contact types, external subjects, and external terms to better identify the organizations, especially if the organizations are schools. External subjects are general subject areas that you define for the purpose of categorizing external courses.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Create an organization group.

• Create a contact type.

• Create an external subject category.

• Create an external term.

• Enter an organization.

• Enter an organization affiliation.

• Enter an organization location.

• View location summary information.

• Enter an organization department.

• View department summary information.

• Enter an organization contact.

• View contact summary information.

• View organization group summary information.

• Enter external school subject information.

• Enter external school course information.

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