When you create refunds using the accounts payable method, you must interface with PeopleSoft Enterprise Payables to complete your refunds. If your system interfaces with PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 8.4 or 8.8, the AP Refund process publishes messages to which PeopleSoft Enterprise Payables subscribes, using PeopleSoft Application Messaging.


During the AP refund messaging process, two message channels send two messages to the PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials database:

Vendor message channel - sends a VENDOR_SYNC message. It publishes all vendor information (address, location, contact) in a message to the PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials database, one vendor at a time. It allows changes to vendor data to be published iteratively.

Voucher message channel - sends a VOUCHER_BUILD message. It sends voucher header, line, and distribution information in the message to be processed by PeopleSoft Enterprise Payables. The system populates staging tables with the message data. The Voucher Build (AP_VCHRBLD) process then processes these staging tables.


In this topic, you will run the AP Refund process.

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