Before adding either a prospect or an applicant record for an individual, use the Search/Match feature to determine if a record for that person already exists in your database.


Search/Match enables you to define search parameters that administrative users can use to determine whether a potential duplicate ID exists in the database. You can reinforce the evaluation of possible duplicates by setting up Search/Match to run automatically at save time when a user creates a new ID. For more information about Search/Match, see the Using Search/Match topic in the Enterprise Campus Community module.


If the record exists, you can select the ID to automatically carry forward as you begin to update the record. If the record does not exist, you must create it. To create the record, you access the Biographical Details page from either the Student Recruiting, Maintain Prospects, Create/Update Prospects menu or the Campus Community, Personal Information, Add/Update a Person menu.


Consider this scenario: A student is interested in applying to your institution. He thinks his record already exists in your database because he previously contacted your institution. Before creating a new record, you want to determine if his record already exists. You use the Search/Match tool and determine that he is correct -- his record already exists in the database. You must update the record.

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