You can reverse a student or corporate refund either by ID or by date. First, you reverse the refund within Student Financials, effectively unposting the refund from the recipient’s account.


Next, if you originally created the reversed refund using the payroll method, you run a process that reverses the associated refund check within Payroll for North America. If you reverse a direct deposit refund for which you have already created a transmittal file, the system includes the reversal in the next transmittal file that you create.


If you originally created the reversed refund using the accounts payable method, you must notify your accounts payable department so they can reverse the associated refund record within PeopleSoft Enterprise Payables.


Credit card refund reversals are possible only during certain stages of the refunding process. You can reverse a credit card refund after its original creation and after you run the ePayment Refunds process. When reversing a credit card refund, you need only reverse it within Student Financials. However, once you submit the credit to the third-party credit card processing vendor, you can no longer reverse the credit card refund.


In this topic, you will reverse a student refund by ID.

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