Enrollment requirement groups encompass requisites based on a variety of factors including grade point average and units, courses, and much more. Virtually every prerequisite or corequisite that your institution has for courses can be satisfied by the Enrollment Requirement Group component.


Enrollment requirement groups are also used for reserve capacity portions of classes. You can create enrollment requirement groups which are later attached to classes designating a reserve capacity for students who meet a certain criteria. For example, you can set aside 10 seats in a class for students with a certain academic level, cumulative GPA, or number of units earned.


You attach enrollment requirement groups to courses in the course catalog, and you can override these requisite rules or append them on a class-by-class basis when you create the schedule of classes. One course catalog offering can refer to one enrollment requirement group rule, but that rule can contain multiple course requisites and noncourse enrollment restrictions, such as condition requirements. Multiple course offerings can use the same enrollment requirement group or different ones.


To create a simple enrollment requirement group or reserve capacity:

1. Create a description of the enrollment requirement group on the Course Requisite page.

2. Determine whether parameters such as minimum GPA, units, or number of courses are an attribute of the requirement on the Requisite Parameters page.

3. Enter any other parameters of the requisite such as a course, a range of courses, or a student attribute (such as program or plan), on the Requisite Detail page.

4. Determine whether any course validation parameters exist for the requisite courses on the Requisite Detail Parameters page.

5. Attach the enrollment requirement group to a course offering on the Course Catalog - Offerings page as a requisite; or attach the enrollment requirement group to a course on the Schedule of Classes - Reserve Cap (Schedule of Classes - Reserve Capacity) page as a reserve capacity.


In this topic, you will create a course requisite group.

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