Use the Create/Update Prospects component to manually create prospect records and assign a recruiter to the prospect.


Note: To add an applicant record and assign a recruiter, use the Add Application component. The transaction is very similar to adding a prospect record, which is described in this topic.


The first two pages in the component, the Biographical Details and Regional pages, are shared among several components throughout the PeopleSoft system. When you save data on these pages, the data is updated across those components.


The Create/Update Prospects component also contains the Prospect Career Data, Prospect Program Data, and Prospect School/Recruiting pages.


On the Prospect Career Data page, you enter data unique to the specific Academic Career (undergraduate, graduate, law school, medical school, and so on) in which the prospect is interested. Prospect career data is required. Each prospect record can have only one career. Therefore, if the prospect is interested in more than one career, you must create a prospect record for each of those careers.


Entering prospect program data on the Prospect Program Data page is optional.


Assign the prospect to a recruiter on the Prospect School/Recruiting page.


In this topic, you create a prospect record and assign the prospect to the recruiter responsible for the region of the prospect's last school attended.

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