The Course Credits - Manual component enables you to manually input transfer credit. This component is designed to be used for course transfer credit from schools from which you rarely receive students. This is faster than using the rule-defining procedure for a few students.


To process course transfer credit manually:

1. Set up the source information and target information for the transfer credit model on the Transfer Course Entry page.

2. Select the articulation term for the model and enter the incoming course and internal equivalent course information on the Transfer Credit Term group box of the Transfer Course Entry page. Save the page to run the Transfer Credit process and articulate the course credit.

3. Calculate transfer credit statistics for the model, post and unpost transfer credit, and view a summary of transfer credit statistics on the Course Credits By Term page.

4. View summary student statistics, once you have saved a posted or unposted model, on the Course Credits Summary group box of the Course Credits By Term page.


In this topic, you will evaluate course transfer credit manually.

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