Use the Class Search feature to search or browse for classes within a specific institution and term.


When you search for open classes, the system uses a virtual status to determine whether or not a combined section class appears on the Class Search Results page. If the class has a virtual status of closed, the class will not appear on the Class Search Results page for open classes.


The system calculates a virtual status for combined sections because combined section classes have combined enrollment capacities. A section with an enrollment capacity of 30 would appear in CLASS_TBL as open after only 15 students enroll, but if it is a combined section with a combined enrollment capacity of 30, and both classes have 15 students enrolled—which meets the combined enrollment capacity of 30—the combined section is closed, even though CLASS_TBL will show each section as open. The class search feature determines that the combined section is closed from the virtual status on the Combined Sections page.


The system uses these rules to determine the virtual status of a combined section class:

• If the enrollment status of a class is closed, the virtual status is closed.

• If the enrollment status of the class is open, the system evaluates whether or not there are seats available within the combined section. If seats are available, the virtual status is open. If no seats are available within the combined section, the virtual status is closed.


In this topic, you will search for all undergraduate biology sections that are second year level or lower. You will then modify the search to only search for biology lab sections.

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