Once you have set up your predefined transfer rules for courses and tests, you are ready to start processing transfer credit. The Transfer Credit process includes: retrieving all external transfer credit information; evaluating these external courses, tests, and other credit; then posting the transfer credit. The PeopleSoft system provides features to enable transfer credit processing by the following methods:

• Using predefined rules.

• Using student-specific agreements.

• Creating manual rules to assign course, test, and other credit.


Our processing design is based on modeling, so you can give individuals options for articulation that depend on the academic program or academic plan selected for them.


You can command the system to evaluate transfer credit by using the predefined transfer equivalency rules that you have created and then attached to academic programs and plans. Or you can process transfer credit by creating models manually as you go through processing. For course transfer credit, you can also use student-specific study agreements in conjunction with these predefined course transfer equivalency rules. Whether you are using predefined or manual rules or processing transfer credit manually, the functionality is the same. However, to maximize the use of your time, use only the manual Transfer Credit process to transfer credit for schools from which you rarely receive students.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Create student specific agreements.

• Process course transfer credit models.

• Process test transfer credit models.

• Add incoming test and equivalent course information.

• Process other transfer credit models.

• Post transfer credit in batch.

• View and print transfer credit summaries.

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