After you complete the admissions evaluations process, you admit qualified applicants and calculate their enrollment fees and matriculate applicants to student status. This lesson discusses how to admit students manually.


Oracle also provides automated processes (not covered in this lesson) that will evaluate and then admit or deny applicants. Consult your System Administrator to determine if your institution has set up the automated processes that do the following:

• Assign evaluation codes to applications in batch.

• Link application materials to applications in batch.

• Calculate rating values through an automatic process.

• Automatically update application program evaluation statuses.


The processes depend on rules that define the material (test scores, transcript information, recommendations, committee rankings) used, along with the scoring system that determines the overall evaluation score. Once the automated evaluation process runs, an additional process must be run to automatically make admissions decisions, scholarships decisions, or preliminary admission decisions based on the applicant's overall evaluation score.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

• Admit an applicant manually.

• Admit multiple applicants manually.

• Use Quick Admit.

• Matriculate an applicant into a student.

• Unmatriculate a student.

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